Our group broadly works in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). We aim to ensure that language technologies are inclusive, safe and are adopted responsibly. Currently, we work on projects related to model evaluation, editing, data validation & documentation, and on applications including content moderation and assistive writing. From the outset, the lab is envisioned to be diverse, transparent, friendly and highly collaborative.

We are grateful to Schmidt Futures, Google Research, Adobe Inc and Pratiksha Trust for generously supporting our group's research.

If you are interested in joining our group, please see this.


Navreet Kaur, Research Assistant
Interests: Interpretability, Responsible AI and HCI
Education: Bachelors & Masters from IIT Delhi (2015-20)
Past: Preventing money laundering at Goldman Sachs
Anirudh Ajith, Research Intern
Interests: Understanding LLMs and Emergent Abilities
Education: Currently a Masters student at Princeton
Past: Bachelors in CS from IIT Madras (2018-2022)
Kinshuk Vasisht, PhD Student
Interests: Knowledge Extraction and Respresentation in LLMs
Education: Bachelors and Masters in CS from University of Delhi
Saksham Rastogi, Research Assistant
Interests: Watermarking LLMs, Reasoning
Education: B.Tech in EE from IIT Delhi (2018-2022)
Past: Strategist at Goldman Sachs
Naveeja Sajeevan, M.Tech Student
Interests: Natural Language Processing
Education: BTech ECE, College of Engineering Trivandrum.
Past: Software Developer at IBM
Sofia Sunam, M.Tech Student
Interests: Natural Language Processing
Education: B.Tech. in CSE from IIIT Bhubaneswar
Past: Software Engineer at Dell Technologies
Chirayata Bhattacharyya, M.Tech Student
Interests: Geographical Representativeness of Models
Education: BTech ECE, Jadavpur University.
Past: Research Engineer at TCS Research & Western Digital