Thanks for your interest in working with us! Generally, every year, I hope to recruit a few PhD students (0-2), a few masters students (0-4), a few full-time research assistants and long-term interns. I’d love to be able to reply to every email I get, but I simply don’t have the capacity to, unfortunately.

What does the lab work on?

We broadly work in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). These areas already impact our lives—from answering questions we ask, curating content we read online, auto-completing words we are likely to type, to translating text from languages we don’t understand. The lab aims to ensure that such technologies are inclusive, safe and are adopted responsibly. Specifically, we plan to initiate projects related to inclusive model evaluation, model control (e.g., editing, de-biasing trained models) and also on validating data sources (in response to biased or harmful behavior). Additionally, we hope to contribute towards important NLP applications (e.g., content moderation, assisted writing), and engage in understanding their broader societal and ethical implications. From the outset, the lab is envisioned to be diverse, transparent, friendly and highly collaborative.

How to get involved?

PhD/M.Tech: You’d have to formally be accepted at IISc first. If you feel you are a good fit, I’d encourage you to apply to these programs, specifying the Department of Computational Data Sciences (CDS) in your application. The institute-wide application deadline for this year is March 26, 2023 (11:59 PM IST). More details about the admissions process are here. Some frequently asked questions are answered here. Note that some students from centrally funded institutes—including IITs, NITs—don’t need to write national tests (e.g., GATE) to apply for the PhD program. This is a step forward towards simplifying the admissions process.

Interested IISc students should directly email me. Please see below on what to include in your email.

Research assistants and internship candidates should also directly reach out with the following information. Update (May 8, 2023): We are only looking for full-time candidates. There is flexibility to work remotely on a few days, but we do not plan to recruit completely remote candidates.

What to include in your email?

Please address me by my first name, no titles needed. In your email, please briefly describe your background, skills, aspirations and interests. Don’t forget to include (a) the position you are applying for, along with the tentative start date and the time duration, and (b) CV and transcripts (unofficial ones suffice). Please also feel free to include any writing or code samples (i.e., links to your papers/articles/GitHub projects).