Teaching Ventures

I am passionate about sharing ideas and discussing problems with others. I am usually keen on grabbing any teaching opportunity that comes along my way. Following are my teaching involvements till date.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (DS 207)
Teaching an introductory course on NLP at IISc.
Teaching Assistant : Neural Networks for NLP (11-747)
My responsibilities include holding office hours, creating quizzes, providing feedback on course projects. I also gave a guest lecture on Model Interpretation. The course is taught Dr. Graham Neubig.
IT Placement Training Camp
Conducting a week long workshop at BITS Goa to assist students for their job search
Teaching Assistant : Introduction to Machine Learning (10-701)
My responsibilities included conducting recitations, holding office hours, creating and grading assignments for the graduate level machine learning class at CMU. The course was co-taught by Dr. Pradeep Ravikumar and Dr. Aarti Singh
Competitive Programming Special Interest Group: CPSIG
In my penultimate semester, I organized and managed the Competitive Programming Special Interest Group lectures and delivered lectures on advanced data structures and algorithms from graph theory and game theory.